2014 Sunglass styles

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for any summer look, but picking the right pair can be hard. We’ve all picked a pair off the shelf thinking they look great, only to realize they don’t suit your face. Picking the right style for your face-shape is key.

Square face

An angular jawline is the dominant feature of a Square face. Oval, round or butterfly shaped frames can soften a square face – try to avoid frame with sharp angles, they’ll emphasize the angles of your face.

Oval face

An oval face is well balanced, the length is about twice the width. Just about any type of sunglass style can work. Try a few and find one that suits your personal style.

Round face

A round face has equal length and width. Steer clear of round frames, they’ll only add to the round features. Your best bet are geometric frames: try square or rectangular.

Oblong face

An oblong face has more length than width; frames that widen or shorten your face will look good. Tall or broad frames will help achieve balance.

Heart shape

A heart shape face occurs with a broad forehead and narrow chin. Frames with heavy bottoms can help add balance to the heart shaped face.

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